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Chocolate Milk

Welcome to something old and something new here at T-Mad’s Music: the official return of my CHOCOLATE MILK website. Back in the late nineties and early two thousands, T-Mad’s Music was the only place on the Internet to find detailed information on this New Orleans funk band from the seventies and early eighties. I took great pride in that as well as the fact that I was able to get feedback and information from former members of the band to add to the site, which made it even more authentic and memorable. I have decided to revamp its look and bring it back for your enjoyment.

Fans of New Orleans jazz and funk will no doubt remember this band’s work with famed producer Allen Toussaint in the seventies. They had such funk classics as Action Speaks Louder Than Words, Girl Callin’, Say Won’cha, Blue Jeans, and Take It Off. You’ll also probably be familiar with the solo work of saxophonist Amadee Castenell (pictured above, standing in the center). Younger folks will recognize their music in the form of samples in such songs as We Got It by Immature (a/k/a/ IMX) from the nineties.

Whether you’re an older visitor of the original incarnation of this fan-based tribute site or a new visitor, come on aboard and check out Chocolate Milk. Also, enjoy the random streaming selection from the band playing now.

UPDATE — This site has been visited by bassist David Barard, who graciously reached out to me and chatted with me on the phone, providing me with additional information on what he has been up to. His updated information is under OUTSIDE PROJECTS.